Drink Menu

Beer - Beer
Belgian beer (Hughalden white) 900 yen
Cocktail - Cocktail
Mimosa (sparkling wine + orange juice) 1000 yen
Keel (white wine + cassis liqueur) 1000 yen
Keel Royale (sparkling wine + cassis liqueur) 1000 yen
Non-alcoholic drink
- Soft drink
Non alcohol cider sparkling juice 800 yen
Non-alcoholic wine (Merlot) 800 yen
100% pomegranate juice 800 yen
Aomori 100% organic apple juice 800 yen
100% Kiyomi orange juice 800 yen
Natural mineral water (with gas or without) 800 yen
Digedtif - After-dinner drink
NV Justino Madira 10 years
Dark chocolate, rich in molasses. Nuance of dried fruits, spices and nuts.
Glass 950 yen
2005 Mar de Bourgogne / Fernand & Laurent Piyo Glass 1,200 yen
2007 Quinta do Vesuvius vintage port Glass 1,300 yen
Champagne - Champagne
NV Champagne Grand Cru Brut Blanc de Blanc / Chancilla
【100% of Chardonnay】
Champagne that has a structure made from 100% of Oger's grape. It has a flavor of white fruits such as apple and pear,a fragrance, a feeling of mineral and a fruity mild taste that is worthy the name of grand cru and satisfy you.
Glass 1,300 yen
Bottle 8,500 yen
- Sparkling wine
NV Clement de Loire Brut L / Chateau de Loire
【Mainly Chenin blanc】
Among a crisp flavors, it has a mild taste of fruit, and a brilliant mineral feeling supported the supple taste is felt in the aftertaste for a long time.
Glass 1,000 yen
Bottle 5,400 yen
NV Le Sauvage Poiret (Pearning of Pear Sparkling Wine) / Fis de Bomb
【100% of pears】
To be able to enjoy the taste of the pear itself, this sparkling wine is made naturally without adding anything extra! Please enjoy the natural sweetness and taste of pear by all means ! !
Glass 1,000 yen
Vin Blanc - White wine
2017 Kodysé Organic Blanco / Dominio de Eglen
【50% of Makabeo, 40% of Airen, 10% of Verdeho】
A bottle that is from Spain and recommended to have in crisp summer! It has a crisp feeling of citrus and a mineral of the seaside. A mild flavor of fruits and a mellow acidity let you enjoy it smoothly! !
Glass 900 yen
Bottle 4,800 yen
2017 Burgundy Aligoté / Pierre Neijon
【100% of Aligoté】
The arigot created by the craftsmen of the village of Juvre Chambertin has a crisp taste of mineral and solid framework.
Glass 950 yen
Bottle 5,400 yen
2016 Jibly La Cro de la Roche / Domaine Mass
【100% of Chardonnay】
You can enjoy well-balanced taste with a thick and firm taste of fruits and beautiful acidity in addition to the aroma coming from the new barrel. You can enjoy the true essence of Burgundy!
Glass 1,100 yen
Bottle 6,300 yen
Vin Rouge - Red wine
2005 Corviere Solus / Chateau de Carrages
【40% of Carignan, 40% of Grenache, 40% of Syrah】
Time for 14 years have added kindness to the wines in southern France. The fruit-based taste is kept, and you can taste the ripening feeling well!
Glass 1,000 yen
Bottle 5,800 yen
2010 Chateau Suou / Cadillac Cote de Bordeaux
【55% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% of Merlot】
Aroma of blackish fruit, taste with skeleton of tannin like Bordeaux. A slight sense of ripening in the 9th year is a pleasant taste to drink!
Glass 1,000 yen
Bottle 5,800 yen
2015 Pinot Noir / White Heaven
【100% of Pinot Noir】
New Zealand Pinot Noir aged in barrels. Pino's gentle tannins and plump fruity tastes is spreading like wrapping you!
Glass 1,100 yen
Bottle 6,500 yen
NV Champagne Kivé Sainte Anne Brut / Chartagne Tayet
【50% of Chardonnay, 50% of Pinot Noir】
The apple honey's plumpness and its elegant crisp smell is comfortable. It has plenty of the sense of fine mineral as a taste and the juicy of the fruits.
Bottle 9,800 yen
2006 Le Champagne Mi Regime / Theros Pajon
【50% of Chardonnay, 50% of Pinot Noir】
Delicate and complex aromas of caramel, acacia flowers, honey and coffee. There is an attack of freshness, and soft bubbling covers your mouth and well-balanced long aftertaste is lasting.
Bottle 12,800 yen
2002 Champagne Reserve ・ Famil ・ Enoteke / Roge ・ Brun
【70% of Pinot Noir, 30% of Chardonnay】
A powerful scent full of complexity such as honey, butter, hawthorn flowers, mushrooms and toasts etc. Among the voluptuous and condensed flavor, the freshness from Chardonnay brings elegance.
Bottle 18,800 yen
Vin Blanc - White wine <bottle>
2016 Burgundy Chardonnay / Francois Carillon
【100% of Chardonnay】
Luxurious Domaine wine using grapes in a parcel in the village of Purigny. Pears, apricots, condensed fresh fruits reminiscent of white flowers.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2015 Pouilly Fuisse / Domaine Michelle Deloim
【100% of Chardonnay】
A brilliant golden color. The taste is mellow and rich. Round and have a long aftertaste. It has a bulge and is dense like honey. The smell of white flowers tickles the senses.
Bottle 8,800 yen
2012 Nuits-Saint-Georges Blanc La Gerbot / Domaine de l'Arlo
【100% of Chardonnay】
The aroma of citrus and white peach ripe fruits is impressive. In the richness, you can feel the presence of solid minerals. This is a gem full of pure and elegance.
Bottle 12,800 yen
2012 Chassagne Monlash Premiere Clu Les Cayenne / Vincent et Sophie Mole
【100% of Chardonnay】
In addition to the scent of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and orange peel, a scent of cold stones and rich minerals reminiscent of the sea rises. The complex aroma that spreads the dry fruits nuance gradually is impressive.
Bottle 16,800 yen
2015 Sancerre le Vallon / Domaine de Terre Blanche
【100% of Sauvignon Blanc】
Fresh herbs and peaches, a yellow citrus aromatic scent. The aromatic scent of a fresh herbs, peaches and yellow citrus.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2017 Picpur De Pinet Prestige / Domaine Gabrol
【100% of Picpool Blanc】
The scent of yellow citrus and acacia flowers. It features sharp acids and robust minerals.
Bottle 4,800 yen
Alsace 2015 Silvane / Domaine Albert Bochxle
【100% of Silvanale】
The ripe aroma of peach and pear spreads, and floral aroma and white pepper nuances are also felt. It has a natural taste that is not decorated, and the texture is soft and smooth.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2015 Musca / Domaine Albert Bocce
【100% of Musuka】
Complex aroma such as muscat, yellow flower, loquat and apricot. Condensed fruit feeling and rich acidity is felt. It is a white wine with a solid framework.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2016 Gewurztraminer Kirschberg de Bar / Herring
【100% of Gewürz Traminer】
The scent of white peach and pear compote, beeswax, kirsch and white flower. The taste is mellow and plump because of the sweet taste, has a rich flavor, well-balanced, and leaves aftertaste of a white spice flavor.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2010 Pinot Gris Grand Cru Altenberg / Charles Onez
【100% of Pinogri】
It has not only abundant mineral, but complexity, richness and elegance, and with that, the volume of the scale is felt. The taste is frank fruit with elegance, and the texture is smooth. The aroma is reminiscent of yellow flowers and sometimes tropical ripe fruits.
Bottle 8,800 yen
1998 Gevürztraminer Grand Cru Kirschberg / Charles Wangz
【100% of Gewürz Traminer】
The scent of white roses and lychees, white peaches, etc., which is worthy the name of Gewürztraminer, spreads gorgeously. It has been matured for nearly 20 years and increased its depth, and with that, it has the abundant volume and rich taste. Fine and well structured wine.
Bottle 10,800 yen
2015 Gruner Feltrener Bruce / Vesuly
【100% of Gruner Vertorner】
Aroma of citrus and grapefruit, herbs and yellow apples. The nuances of marmelo and slight spice, well-balanced and lively body.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2017 Riesling Rich Graces Gevex / Carl Lawen
【100% of Riesling】
Nutty nuances on ripe apples, very condensed aromas. It is a powerful full-body Riesling, all of the depth, density, and mineral feeling are perfect.
Bottle 7,800 yen
Vin Rouge - Red wine <bottle>
2016 Burgundy Rouge Cuvee Prestige / Domaine Philippe Charlopin
【100% of Pinot Noir】
The smell of berry fruits in black color. The taste of the spices and cinnamon is fine and delicate.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2014 Marsane Les Sechezo-: Chateau de Marsane
【100% of Pinot Noir】
Colorful aroma of various red berry. Fine acid that colors the expressive taste as well as the aroma. A graceful and feminine Marsannay.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2016 Hautes de Beaune / Pierre Boisson
【100% of Pinot Noir】
The aroma of fresh sour cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant. The taste is fresh and the nuance is like fruits in red and black color and licorice.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2016 Gevrey Chambertin / Domaine Duroche
【100% of Pinot Noir】
Fine tannins and delicate acid to sweet and soft fruits. The natural sweet taste of the berry-type fruit that spills out to the finish.
Bottle 8,800 yen
2012 Sonney Premiere Le gravier / Domaine Jean Mark Vincent
【100% of Pinot Noir】
In the scent, raspberry, fig, dried rose flowers and a notes of vanilla and spices from wooden barrels are felt. It has a smooth and dense fruity feeling, and silky and soft tannin and sour taste are beautifully mixed.
Bottle 9,800 yen
2016 Bomar Perrière / Domaine Rohne Orio
【100% of Pinot Noir】
The very rich and amazingly ripened aromas give a nuance of figs, kirsch, cassis, spice and violet.
Bottle 11,800 yen
2010 Gevrey Chambertin Vieille Vigne / Rosignore Trape
【100% of Pinot Noir】
Gorgeous and deep scents such as red currant and black cherry jam and iron nuances. Taste that further increases the depth and deliciousness after maturing.
Bottle 12,800 yen
2016 Chateau Bonte Kay You
【50% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% of Merlot, 8% of Petit Verdo】
Ripe fruit aromas and silky tannins. Pessac Leonyan, who has a good drink, is elegant.
Bottle 4,800 yen
2015 Senor de Guiuille
【80% of Merlot, 20% of Cabernet Franc】
Like as plum jam and sweet fruits compote of blackberry. The attack is soft and smooth.
Bottle 5,800 yen
2007 Chateau Tronkova Laland
【48% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 48% of Merlot, 4% of Petit Verdo】
A complex aroma that mixes various fruits with a slight spice. Spicy mouthfeel with rich framework. There is a long aftertaste with silky and refined tannins.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2006 Château Kinoan Lancro
【Merlot Cabernet Franc】
Deep ruby, purple color. Sweet aromas such as spring flowers, blueberries and raspberries are expressed. Medium bodied with thick layers, attractive sweetness and ripe tannins.
Bottle 8,800 yen
Rhone Languedoc
- Roussillon Provence
2016 Côtes du Rhone Village Cuve Silus / Fontaine
【100% of Syrah】
As it touches the air, the aromas such as small black fruit compote, prunes, blackberries and candied cherries appears. It has a very strong presence, a framework with tannins and soothing acids.
Bottle 5,800 yen
2014 Chateauneuf du Pape / Domaine du Vanure
【13 types, including Grenache Noir, Others Syrah, Mourvedre】
The condensed aromas such as plums, blackberries and black cherries, mint aromas and spice aromas are blended in each other.
Bottle 7,800 yen
2005 Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Special / Tardieu Laurent
【100% of Grenache】
Nuance of spices such as leather and pepper with aroma of plum and blackberry. Spices and rich tannins are felt in the rich yet lively fruit taste of the black type fruit.
Bottle 12,800 yen
2014 Chinon Cros du Chene Vert / Charles Joge
【100% of Cabernet Franc】
Mint and licorice float in the aroma of ripe wild berry. The fruits feeling are smooth and sweet, and fine tannins firmly support the framework.
Bottle 8,800 yen
2014 Rosso di Montalcino / Mastro Janni
【100% of San Giovese ・ Grosso】
The nuances of tobacco and smoke with the aroma filled with red cherries and small berry fruits. Vibrant acid and firm tannins that support large fruits.
Bottle 4,800 yen
2015 San Pio / Mastrojanni
【80% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% of Sangiovese Grosso】
In addition to the fragrant ripe fruit aromas such as plums and blackberries, the hints of herbs, tobacco and spice are felt. As with the scent, the taste full of energetic ripe fruits has a density and strength.
Bottle 5,800 yen
2015 Carmignano Riselva / Piaggia
【70% of Sangiovese, 20% of Cabernet (Sauvignon / Fran) , 10% of Merlot】
You can also feel the nuances of roasted tomatoes among the aromas of ripe red and black fruits. Tannins are fine and more complex flavors are repeatedly felt in the mouth, and the aftertaste also lasts for a long time.
Bottle 8,800 yen
2010 Peña Caballera / Bodyga Maranones
【100% of Garnatcha】
A shiny ruby appearance with cassis and herb aromas. The attack is a high center of gravity and pure. A rich and deep flavor.
Bottle 6,800 yen
2015 El Caddros / Olivier Riviere
【95% of Tempuranillo, 5% of Garnacha】
Deep black ruby color, cassis chocolate and mint scent, gentle sweet attack, silky tannins, outstanding balance.
Bottle 8,800 yen
New Zealand
2014 Pinot Noir / Koyama Wines
【100% of Pinot Noir】
The fresh aroma of red fruits such as berries and cherries is attractive! The tannins are smooth. An acid is tightening its rich fruitiness.
Bottle 8,800 yen

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