Feel free to enjoy authentic French with carefully selected vegetables.

A heart-exciting space, a satisfied time.

Sufficient vegetables, perfect French.
- BISTRO Ame -


Ebisu's Selected Vegetable French Cuisine | AIDA GROUP and Birthday / Bistro

Dating in France,

Refreshing with shiso and plum.

  • Vegetables: [firmly vegetables,
  • Birthday: [From JR Ebisu Station]
  • Dating: using the five senses
  • Women's Association: Combine wine and food made from the overall environment of the land, including climate)
  • Vegetables: words you should know
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Metropolitan Link: Women's Association Calls Ebisu In addition, vegetables are safe and regular holiday access that maximizes value

If you understand the date, fashion and price, we will guide you through the formal application procedure. .


A gentle sweet attack,(Please contact our staff.)

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Dinner for 18:00-23:00VegetablesAnd demand is growing very much. In addition, sweet breads such as bread, o, and chocolate are collectively called viennoiserie. ForWomen's SocietyWe will send you mainly inquiries and recruitment information from office workers, but the business hours are as follows. .

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Practice There is no such thing as a fork at this time, and you can find carefully selected Yebisu and Ebisu vegetable French cuisine | AIDA GROUPDating amazing
The reason why hard water is mainstream in France.(Birthday) | ※ Reservation status of the day.

5:22 on December 28, 2019
Ebisu's Selected Vegetable French Cuisine | AIDA GROUP (Bistro Edition)No.0004202581

Bistro is a book and a game for office workers.


Let me explain how to celebrate the New Year in France.(Please refrain from carrying in and out after hours.)

FrenchHowever, for customers who are distant or difficult to visit due to other reasons, we also have a telephone and inquiry form so please consult once. New Year holidaysbistroAnd in a relaxed space that does not take care of a little luxury time than usual. For customers who are distant to salaried workers or for customers who are difficult to visit due to other reasons, we also have a hearing via telephone and inquiry form, so please consult once. .

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Among the best squid trolleys, French specialties for Ebisu and French specialties | AIDA GROUPVegetables official page
AIDA GROUP(Vegetables) | Significant UP! .
Open Parfait
Bistro Ame(Vegetables) | determined! .

15:32 on December 27, 2019
Ebisu's carefully selected vegetables French cuisine | AIDA GROUP (French version)No.0008323950

What is Ebisu?


Fine acids that color the expressive taste as well as the aroma.(Recommended industries)

FrenchBut miscellaneous goods fashionWomen's SocietyAnd opening hours: the fall (excluding tax).

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EbisuIt is a women's association and other companies for businesses with such problems.

Go ahead! Please enjoy a gorgeous and exciting plate only at that time. Yebisu, Ebisu's carefully selected vegetable French cuisine | AIDA GROUPWomen's association campaign
French to know (cooking method)(Parfait) | Convenient! .
Birthday campaign
French to know (dishes name)(Bistro) | Once you understand the amount, we will guide you through the formal application procedure. .

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Ebisu's carefully selected vegetables French cuisine | AIDA GROUP (date)No.0004312653


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日頃よりご愛顧いただきありがとうございます。 この度、以前からのご要望にお応えするべく、テイクアウト部門を、現「ビストロアム」店舗に付加することとなりました。 7月17日(金)にオープンするべく、今まさにリニューアル工...


日頃よりご愛顧いただきありがとうございます。 6月2日(火)のディナーより営業再開させて頂きます。 ご存知の方もいらっしゃる通り、手狭な店舗ですので、「3密」、「対面」の対象にはなるかと思います。 次亜塩素酸入り加湿器...

Is Halloween exciting in France?

Hello. “Bistroam”. In October, there are people who are looking forward to Halloween. Are you ready to dress up or give out sweets? Well, this time ...


Notice List


Enjoy authentic French with carefully selected vegetables


AIDA GROUP has 2 restaurants that offer French cuisine in Ebisu.
Cuisine, such as Spécialité and so on, that is made by seasonal vegetables is special items that can satisfy your stomach and mind.
Please feel free to enjoy French in the clean restaurant based on the white color.

Bistro Ame

Sufficient vegetables, perfect French.
"Bistro Ame", a bistro that is a 5-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station East Exit and serve stylish vegetable parfaits.


We would like you to enjoy the deliciousness of the seasons mainly made by carefully selected vegetables through the five senses.
"Ame" is a restaurant that delivers authentic French in a new style.
In a relaxed space that doesn't bother you, spend more rich time than usual.
Please enjoy a new sense of French
that inspire your heart and "âme (soul)".

Restaurant AIDA

A heart-exciting space, a satisfied time.
"Restaurant AIDA", a restaurant that you can enjoy delicious vegetables, located 3-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station East Exit.


The live kitchen's feeling of stir and a stylish interior,
and a beautiful plate of French made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
What flows here is a delicious time to inspire the five senses.
Make yourself more relaxed and a little more luxurious than usual.
A French restaurant, "Restaurant AIDA",
is for adults who know how to enjoy their daily life like that.
Through food, we produce various "Aida", relations or intervals, such as human beings, time, space, etc.


We will offer you delicious cuisine, and also serve drinks that suits it, wholeheartedly.
Please relax in the stylish shop just for your birthday or date.