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French that Bistroum wants to know (food ingredients)

Hello. “Bistroam”.

This time, so that you can understand the menu even a little,

Let me introduce simple French.

Words you should know


Fromage is cheese.

France is a cheese powerhouse with over 300 types of cheese.

Camembert de Normandie, a representative Camembert,

Goat milk made from goat's milk,

Conte characterized by long-term aging,

There are Brie de Moe, which has high fat content and is popular in Japan.

[Bread and boo lingerie]

Boulangerie can be said to be one of the food culture that represents France.

This is a bakery.

French people often go to buy fresh bread from the morning.

I like bread.

Speaking of typical bread, baguette.

This is said to account for 80% of bread purchased in France.

It ’s a staple food.

In addition, croissants with plenty of butter,

There is Campagne, which means rustic style.

Bread au chocolat and other confectionery breads are collectively referred to as Viennese.

[Van and Champagne]

“vin” is written for wine.

Wine is also an essential element in talking about French food culture.

There are distinctive characteristics depending on the region, and the types are diverse.

Red wine is Van Rouge,

White wine is called Van Blanc.

In addition, Champagne refers to the Happoshu produced in the Champagne region.

Foam wine made outside of Champagne is called Van Musou.

Many katakana come out,

I hope you can imagine France even a little.

Next time, I will introduce the cooking method.


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