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Is the New Year celebration in France similar to Japanese Christmas?

Hello. “Bistroam”.

This time, let me explain how to celebrate the New Year in France.


We gathered together with friends at a large miscellaneous in France,

Make a fuss while eating a treat

Many people attend parties.

New Year's Eve in France

New Year's Eve"


While listening to the bell

It is in contrast to Japan, which is strict and has a New Year.

I feel like the New Year in Japan is equivalent to Christmas in France.


In France, the family gathers at Christmas,

Omisoka gathered with friends

Because it is normal to celebrate the New Year lively.

Christmas decorations

I've been decorating it for some time after the New Year.

So, the New Year is a Christmas festival extension.


Christmas and New Year's Eve

I think that few people spend alone.


For Christmas, New Year's Eve, special day of events,

I hope you can make a reservation at Bistroum.


With a close person,

If you enjoy a delicious meal,

The heart is also filled,

The remaining few years

I think I can spend a happy time.


Color with eyes

Scent with nose

Taste with your tongue

Texture on the skin

Please enjoy using the five senses together with a fun conversation.


All the staff, together with the special dishes,

We look forward to your visit.


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