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History of cutlery essential for French cuisine ①

Hello. Between restaurants.

This time, it is indispensable for Western food such as French,

About the history of cutlery,

I want to untie.


Tableware represented by knives, spoons and forks,

In fact, it was around the 19th century that these came out as a set.


From now on, about 200 years ago,

It will be said. It's a surprisingly shallow history.


So before the cutlery spread,

How did you eat That ’s where I ’m concerned.


Surprisingly, I was actually using my hands.

It seems that it is not “because there was no tool” in general.

Behind the hand-held meal style is

The view of religion was that "Finger is an excellent tool given by God."

Only your fingers can touch the meal,

It is thought that there was a teaching like that.


The earliest cutlery,

It was a knife that appeared on the table around the 12th century.

That said, it ’s not for personal use like today,

It seems that only one knife was prepared on the table for cutting large meat.

Later, in the 15th and 16th centuries, each person finally started using knives.


Around the 14th and 15th centuries, a spoon appeared on the table,

Used to drink soup.

However, this is a story in the upper class.

Because the spoon was a luxury product at the time,

It was not popular with the general public.

The common people use a spoon

It seems to go down to the 17th to 18th century.


While feeling the history of cutlery and the history of France,

Trying French cuisine between restaurants

Is it fun? I think.


Next time, I will talk about the history of folk

Let me introduce you.


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