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  3. Is Halloween exciting in France?

Is Halloween exciting in France?

Hello. “Bistroam”.

If you're looking forward to Halloween in October,

Maybe you are here.

Dress up, distribute sweets,

Are you ready?


Well, this time

Is Halloween exciting in France?

I would like to answer this question.


French Halloween has a similar atmosphere to Japan.

Because for Halloween, France is like Japan

One of the cultures that came from abroad.

For that reason, "I love festivals!"

It is an exciting event centering on people.


Of course, children who want sweets ...

A familiar phrase in English,

Trick or treat

In french

Trick or treat

De Bonbon U An Sor

[If you don't give me a candy, I'll spell it! ]

It becomes.


Somehow it's exciting at the same time

I'm glad if you think ♪



It ’s always exciting,

I hope you can come to the store.


Like a child

Along with the excitement,

I hope you can visit us.


Delicious food and

With that important person

Have a nice time.


All the staff, your excitement

I will help you further.


Bistro Ame

Dai-2 AS Buiding 1F, Ebisu 1-16-3, Shibuya-ku, 150-0013
・A 5-minute walk from JR Ebisu Station East Exit, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ebisu Station


Business hours:
Lunch / 12:00-15:00 (Saturday and Sunday only)
Dinner / 18:00-23:00

Regular holiday: Monday, 3rd Tuesday of every month



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