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The reason why hard water is mainstream in France.

Hello. It is “between restaurants”.

This time, about the difference between water in Japan and France,

Let me tell you.


In France, the water coming out of the faucet is hard water.

Japan is soft water almost everywhere.

The fork of hard and soft water

Calcium in water,

Classified by the amount of magnesium.


Japan has a small country, so the river is short,

Since the water flows vigorously because there are many slopes,

Calcium contained in the ground,

There is no time to absorb magnesium and it becomes soft water.


France, on the other hand, has a long and gentle river,

Meanwhile, it contains plenty of mineral components and becomes hard water.


Soft water is permeable, so it is easy to make soup stock.

Soft water is the life of Japanese cuisine

Pull out the glutamic acid, which is the flavor of bonito and kelp,

Suitable for all Japanese cuisine.

Rice also contains a lot of moisture and cooks plumply and deliciously.


Since France uses hard water,

I am also convinced that rice dishes have a lot of fluffy and moist risotto.

In addition, hard water is excellent for removing the smell and ak of meat,

Ideal for cooking meat meat.

Steaming, baking in the oven,

In a cooking method such as baking with oil,

Season with soup stock, wine or cream

I am also convinced that French cuisine that does not rely on water has become popular.

The quality of the water depends on the local cuisine

It has a great influence.


While feeling the difference of the country,

Come between the restaurants

Have a special meal

I hope you enjoy it.


All the staff are looking forward to your visit.


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